We Specialize In Helping First Responders

Their Families And Civilian Employees

52 years of first responder experience

Alex Bergamo

First Responder Specialist
[email protected]

Alex Bergamo is a distinguished figure with 27 years of service in police and corrections, complemented by his experience as a U.S. Army veteran. Recognized as a First Responders Specialist, he embodies dedication and expertise, making significant contributions to public safety and first responder support. His career reflects a commitment to service, leadership, and community impact, marking him as an exemplary honoree in our first responders appreciation initiative.

Brett Sharp

First Responder Specialist
[email protected]

Brett Sharp is a seasoned professional with 25 years of dedicated service in both police work and corrections. His extensive career showcases a profound commitment to ensuring public safety and supporting rehabilitation efforts. As a First Responders Specialist, Brett brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront, offering invaluable support and guidance to his peers in emergency services. His steadfast dedication to his duties and his role as a mentor and leader in the first responder community make him a standout figure in our appreciation of first responders' invaluable contributions.

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